EazyDraw Mac v10.8.3

3月 31, 202220:47:03
EazyDraw Mac
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EazyDraw is a vector drawing application. For the full journey from Jaguar to El Capitan, EazyDraw has been the trail-blazing app for the new vector-drawing paradigm on the Mac.
EazyDraw provides a balanced feature set that includes tools needed for technical drawing, Web and app graphic design, print publishing, logos, page — text layout and more. Easy enough for everyone, but with the depth your project will need.
Includes comprehensive support for bitmap and vector graphic formats. Import and ungroup for editing PDF and EPS. Import and export SVG and now DXF. Preview and publish to EPS and TIFF with RGB or CMYK process colors. Exchange scaled CAD drawings with DXF. Publish Web graphics. Create Mac, iPhone, and iPad app-development graphics and icons.

Version 10.8.3:
EazyDraw Version 10.7.3 provides significant improvements for DXF NURB import. The new methods analyze the NURB construction and attempt a closed-form mathematical conversion to Bezier construction, reverting to approximation methods when a precise mathematical structure is impossible. Approximation algorithms are accurate but involve additional Bezier segments.
This version has significant improvements for SVG import of text content from Inkscape. The EazyDraw parser processes a range of deprecated CSS constructs that remain prevalent in Inkscape authored drawings. The recent improvements have added the capability to analyze and reconstruct text content with elaborate typesetting nesting SVG and CSS constructs. In other words: improved text placement accuracy.
This update corrects possible problems when converting typeset text using Arabic script fonts to Bezier Path. The improvements provide very accurate glyph placement and interpretation.
This version corrects a problem with color modification for layers containing images with 16-bit color depth (16 bits per color component). Expanded color depth images that use 16 bits per color component are becoming more prevalent, making this an important addition.
This version corrects possible problems using Match feature with matched graphics nested in group graphics.


OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor
Support M1 Apple silicon.


EazyDraw Mac <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v10.8.3</span>

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