Audio Hijack Mac v4.0.2

4月 5, 202220:23:18
Audio Hijack Mac
所属分类:Multimedia Tools System:OS X 10.14 or later Version:4.0.2 最后更新:2022年4月5日 20:39

Audio Hijack (was Audio Hijack Pro) drastically changes the way you use audio on your computer, giving you the freedom to listen to audio when you want and how you want. Record and enhance any audio with Audio Hijack – it’s the cornerstone of your digital audio experience.
Audio Hijack will allow you to record any application’s audio, from Internet streams to DVD audio and everywhere in between. If your machine can play it, Audio Hijack can record it. And that’s not all – Audio Hijack will also enhance any audio, unsing industry-standard VST and AudioUnit audio effects to make your music sound incredible. Record. Enhance. Enjoy!

Version 4.0.2:

  • Importing Improvements for Sessions With Many Recordings Audio Hijack 3 sessions with many recordings could previously be slow to import to Audio Hijack 4, or fail to import at all. This has been corrected. If necessary, use the “Import Audio Hijack 3 Sessions” menu item in the “Help” menu to re-trigger importing.
  • Audio Unit Presets Now Properly Import From Audio Hijack 3 Presets saved for Audio Units in Audio Hijack 3 will now properly import into Audio Hijack 4.0.2 and up. This will happen automatically, with no user intervention necessary.
  • When the selected device for an “Input Device” or “Output Device” block is missing, a useful visual will now be shown on the block face.
  • Scripting: Audio Hijack’s console.log() now also copies all messages to MacOS’s, for easy viewing.
  • The tab key now correctly navigates between fields in the “Recording Inspector” window.
  • A rare issue where pipelines could change slightly when imported from Audio Hijack 3 has been corrected.
  • A rare issue where certain Audio Hijack 3 sessions could import into Audio Hijack 4 without a name has been corrected.
  • The interface will now always update when starting a session via a script.


macOS 10.14.1 or later
Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor


Audio Hijack Mac <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v4.0.2</span>

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