Adguard Mac v2.8.0.1128 beta

4月 4, 202216:24:55
Adguard Mac
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Adguard can make your online experience safer because, though Macs and Apple laptops are quite safe to use, when it comes to ad blockers, Macs experience real problems. Already-existing solutions do not consider the specifics of OS X. That greatly influences the stability of work in Safari, and these ad-blocking extensions fail to do their work properly, especially when video ads are an issue.
New Adguard lets you fully enjoy web surfing without any distractions. Watch those videos you want to watch, and not video ads, on YouTube, Twitch, or any other website. Look at photos of your friends and not at endless banners on Facebook and other social networks. Adguard gives you freedom of choice and saves your nerves. It works perfectly with all browsers, as it was developed specially for use on OS X.

  • Ad Blocker. Subtle filtering of all incoming traffic, and what is more, ads are blocked before they load to the page.
  • Browsing Security. Adguard checks every page for any malicious content using our databases, and blocks requests from potentially dangerous ones.
  • Privacy Protection. Any counters and tracking instruments will be blocked by powerful Spyware filter. With Adguard you can stop worrying for the privacy of your actions on the Internet.
  • Adguard works in all browsers. Safari, Chrome – you name it. No exceptions.
  • Easy to install. A couple of clicks, and your Mac is protected from ads. You don’t have to struggle with overcomplicated settings – just surf the net and Adguard will do all the work.
  • Blocking video ads. Any video ad, on any site – Adguard will block it.
  • Application filtering. Adguard is more than just an addon for browser. It can help you to get rid of ads in any app on your Mac.
  • Is supported in all OS X versions from 10.7 64-bit and higher.
  • Adguard has intuitive and simple UI with such additional features like Adguard Assistant and filtering log.
  • Daily ad filters and phishing databases updates.


Version 2.8.0:

  • The possibility to disable script interceptor in Advanced settings


  • Incompatibility with AirDrop on macOS Monterey
  • Issue with displaying the certificate chain through the browser assistant
  • AdGuard DNS crashes after waking MacBook Pro up from sleep mode


  • Refined color scheme of filtering rules in Dark mode
  • Started using FilterlistProcessor for downloading filter lists
  • Added 360 Secure Browser to the list of filtered apps
  • CoreLibs updated to 1.8.276
  • DNSLibs updated to 1.6.71


macOS 10.10 or later
Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor


Adguard Mac <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v2.8.0.1128 beta</span>

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